Why should I join

Participating in will get you earn free recharge money and you can also get some hot deals. Free online mobile recharge can be done with these deals to recharge your prepaid number.

How do I join

To get registered with, visit website and click on “Sign Up now”. After clicking a new window will be opened in which you have to mention your email address, mobile number and choose a password. A verification code and link will be sent to your registered mobile number and email address respectively. You can activate your account either by entering the SMS verification code or by clicking on the verification link.

How to get a free mobile recharge?

Login to your account and click on “fill wallet, tab” in order to get a free mobile recharge. This will show you all the available offers and you can participate in any of these by clicking on “Get this offer”. Now follow the given instructions and earn money. You can also earn free online mobile recharge money by referring your friends. For every reference approval, bonus is credited to your account and once the balance in your account reaches a specific amount, you can use it to free mobile recharge online.

How do I change my personal information?

You should login to your account and click on “My Profile” to make changes. Here you can change or edit your personal information.

What happens if I forget my password?

Click on “Forget Password” and enter your registered email address. All the information related to changing your password will be sent to your email address. You can set a new password for your account by following the given instructions.

What happens if I lost my mobile or change my mobile number?

You can send an email to and request them to change your mobile number so that balance in your account with previous mobile number do not get wasted.

Can I unsubscribe or cancel my registered account?

To unsubscribe your account, go to “my profile” tab and click on “deactivate account”. This will cancel your registered account.

Can I have multiple OyeRecharge accounts?

No, an individual can have only single account, if the individual is caught by having multiple accounts, then all of his accounts are disabled and the user is not able to use his balance to avail any offers.

Can I unsubscribe the emails I receive or deactivate my registered account?

You can unsubscribe the emails by clicking on the link mentioned in the every Email sent by

What is OyeRecharge wallet?

All the money credited to your account either by completing offers or by referral bonus is added to OyeRecharge wallet. It is responsible for maintaining your account balance after every transaction.

How much time does it take money to fill in my wallet after completing the offer?

It depends upon the offer; however the credit time is mentioned in every offer.

What is the Referral Payout?

Referral payout refers to crediting the bonus whenever a person referred by you joins the campaign. No amount is credited to your account by sending referrals. Only when someone participates in the contest, then only you get rewarded.

What if I try to recharge my post paid mobile number?

You cannot recharge your post-paid mobile number from You can only recharge prepaid mobile numbers.

Can I claim cash or check of my wallet balance?

No, the user cannot claim cash, he can only use the balance to recharge his prepaid mobile number.

Can I claim cash or check of my wallet balance?

No. Wallet balance can be used only to get prepaid mobile recharge.

Can I recharge on a mobile number different from the registered one? allows to make recharge on registered mobile number only. Other mobile numbers cannot avail free recharge offers.