What is IMEI Number?

IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identity) number is different on each and every mobile. The number consists of 15 digits. IMEI number of the Mobile phone will be different from other mobiles. This is done so, because it is beneficial in case the mobile phone is lost. Using IMEI number the network provider can stop access to the network, so that no one is able to operate the phone on any network.

How to check IMEI number?

There are many ways for IMEI number check, but the most commonly used method is to dial *#06#. The IMEI number of the phone will be displayed on the screen and you can note it down. Mobile manufacturing companies like Samsung, etc. uses this same code, whereas Apple uses a different method to check the number. To get IMEI number for iphone or any other Apple product, turn your mobile and check at the bottom. If the user is not able to find the number, then connect your Apple product to the computer and open iTunes. Then select your product and click on the summary tab. This will tell all the details of the product, including the IMEI number.

Another method used to trace the number is by removing the battery. A sticker is placed inside on which the IMEI number is printed, the user can also note down the number from there. This method is only applicable for Sony and other phones whose battery can be removed. This method is not applicable for Apple phones, as they have a non removable battery.

Trace IMEI Number

How to trace mobile by IMEI number?

As soon as your mobile is lost or stolen, inform the telecom operator. Tell them the IMEI number of your mobile phone, so that whenever your phone is connected to any network, the location of your mobile phone will be sent to the operator. With the help of the location, you can easily search your phone at the provided location.

Another method is to install IMEI number tracker or special software’s. This is helpful, as you can locate your phone at anytime. But sometimes, the software failed. So, the best way to track phone is to inform the telecom operator.