Mobile Operating Systems

Which are the mobile operating systems used nowadays in Mobile phones?

The first operating system to be used in mobile phones was Symbian OS. This operating system is also used in some of the phone these days, but its popularity has decreased because of the other powerful operating systems available these days. Some of the most popular operating systems used in mobile phones are.

Featured Mobile Operating Systems


The Android operating system was launched by Google in 2008. From the time of its launch it gained impressive popularity because of some advanced applications and features. Keeping in mind the users' priorities, Google has launched several versions of the Android operating system which are able to meet their expectations.

This operating system is considered as the best mobile operating system because of thousands of powerful Android apps available. The Android apps can be downloaded from Google play store. Some apps can be downloaded for free by the user, where as for some apps, the user has to pay some money.


Windows operating system is widely used in computers. But now this operating system is also used in mobile phones. Some people find it difficult to operate phone with Windows operating system because of its highly advanced features.

This operating system is most helpful for businessmen as they are able to take complete care of their business from their mobile phones. Another reason behind the increasing popularity of this operating system is Nokia Lumia series smart phones. The latest version of Windows operating system is installed in the Lumia series, and people are able to perform tasks within fraction of seconds.

These are some of the commonly used mobile phone operating systems. Several other operating systems like iOS, Blackberry operating system and many more also used in the mobiles and are giving a tough competition to these operating systems. The iOS mobile operating system is used in Apple products and is giving a tough competition to the Android operating system.