OyeRecharge Terms and Conditions

Important Terms and Conditions

When you enroll with and use OyeRecharge.com, it means that you entered into an agreement with us. It means you have read all the terms and conditions and your membership with us will be liable to follow all the terms and conditions.

Being a member of OyeRecharge.com you can earn incentive money against the offers you complete. You can also take advantage of different earning opportunities that are incentive based and even from third party websites linked with us. You may also get email or sms from advertisers for participation and you must comply with the terms and conditions from OyeRecharge.com for participating.

Terms of Use

In order to register and become member with us, you need to be of 18 years old or more and only Indian citizens residing in India may enroll with us. OyeRecharge.com has got every right reserved for preventing access to the website and offers to IP addresses which are from outside India.

Users must remember that they have to fill accurate and correct information while filling the registration form. Along with this the users are also responsible for protecting their email id and password safe. Users must immediate report if they face any unauthorized activity with their account to us.

If we believe that any user has violated with the terms and conditions of Oyerecharge.com then we have got every right to terminate the userís account without stating any notice or reason. If at any point of time, the user disables his or her membership with us then it means he or she will not be eligible for any benefits or incentives,

Only one individual can earn benefits against one account and corporates or any other business organization is not eligible for OyeRecharge.com benefit.

  • You cannot transfer the memberís right of Oyerecharge.com to any other person or entity.
  • The wallet balance cannot be transferred to any other account or money benefits.
  • You cannot sell the wallet balance and it can only be redeemed against your mobile recharge.
  • The wallet balance and OyeRecharge.com accounts cannot be transferred to any other personís name or domestic relations in the event of any death.
  • The price of the services and products that have been mentioned on this website can change anytime without prior notice and every payment made to us is non-refundable.